January 4, 2009


Welcome, 2009! Glad you're here. 2008 will be tough to beat, what with the birth of our daughter and the Olympics and all, but we have high hopes for you, oh-nine. We think you have great potential as a year of firsts.

In fact, 2009 may be the first year I actually keep a New Year's resolution. I've never been all that good at the whole resolution thing. This is due in part to the fact that I'm generally happy with myself and my life. But mostly it's due to excessive laziness.

And now I have this to distract me, to boot.

That being said, Tim and I were discussing our hopes for 2009 and we came up with the following goals:

Tim: Make our home all that it can be. Cook new dishes. Keep things clean. Complete a half-Iron Man in September. Keep baby alive.

Beth: Finally give in to intense pressure coming from dear mother-in-law and create a blog. Learn to use all of the sweet programs that come with Creative Suite and create sweet stuff. Complete a half-marathon in September. Keep baby alive.

We were feeling pretty good about ourselves until we thought about Zoë's goals for the year.

She's an overachiever.

Zoë: Giggle. Master thumb-sucking. Discover my toes. Discover my dog. Take my boat out in the pool. Double my body weight. Take longer naps. Gain another cousin. Ride in the jogging stroller. Roll from front to back. Roll from back to front. Go hiking. Sit up. Crawl. Grow teeth. Grow hair. Speak. See the ocean. Stand. Eat solid foods. Walk. Stay consistently cute enough while doing all of the above so mom will continue to update her new blog in order to show me off to friends and family.

I'm pretty sure she's going to bat a thousand.

All in all, 2009 should be a good one around here. I'll try my best to keep up.


Mary Sue said...

YIPEE!! You have put a great big smile on your "dear" mother-in-law's face. I will be a daily visitor to this site and promise to be (pretty) patient waiting for updates. XOXO Nana

Mary Sue said...

Wonderful first blog attempt. Enjoyed almost everything about it. Now that I have taken a closer look it does appear that you have failed to mention, acknowledge, have a picture of a certain family member. Don't infer that they are bothered; however...

Keep up the great work--you'll get better.

papa j said...


I am writing this under extreme duress. I am told that I cannot be an imposter and pose as my wife. The last post was actually from me. Now, I do feel better getting it off my chest.

Erin said...

YESSSSS!!! I'm SO excited about this. Really, I'm excited to the point that it's WIERD.

You guys are a beautiful family. I will definitely be reading along! (Not BECAUSE you're a beautiful family, just because-- you know-- I'm excited to get to know you) (WHY do I have to be so AWK all the time?) (ending comment NOW).

Amy in KC said...

Great, another blog to add to my morning reading---I have already been tuning in to your flickr pictures and I'll be looking forward to words as well!

Love your first post

Joe-Poppy said...

Love your blog, Helfs! I see that Kelley and I made the photos (we're in the little frame behind Tate and Zoe). Take THAT, Papa J!

Beth said...

Have no fear, respective grandfathers. I'm saving you so that I have some ammo stored in my arsenal; that means I will soon be posting a dual feature on the two older men in Zoë's life, complete with pictorial biographies and interviews. Watch out!