June 24, 2009


Our little family has temporarily relocated for the summer, and one unforeseen consequence is that I no longer have 24-hour access to the web of internets. Nor do I have the computer on which I have been uploading pictures.

(In case you're worried, detox was a relatively quick and painless process. The scenery has proven quite helpful in my recovery.)

Sadly, this does mean that Helfabet updates will be (even) less regular, but I promise to post some pictures and stories on the following days, when Zoë and I are back at the ranch:

June 26, July 5, July 17, August 5, August 15

Perhaps I'll squeeze in a few more. But no promises. I'm on mountain time.

June 2, 2009


This is what I found when Zoë woke up from her nap yesterday: