April 6, 2009

a poll: REVISED

Editor's Note: I've been accused (by more than one reader) of rigging the poll based on the two pictures I selected as Exhibits A and B. An independent committee has selected a new photograph for Exhibit A, which you can now find below.

During pregnancy, I was met with two questions at least once a day: "When are you due?" and "Do you know if it's a boy or a girl?" Fortunately, I had an answer at the ready: octobereighteenthyesit'salittlegirlwe'resoexcited!

Now that she's arrived, the questions are just as predictable but not as easy to answer.

You: Is she a good sleeper?
Me: Yes, she's really easy, or I mean, she WAS, until this week, I guess, because now she's waking up at midnight, and three, and six, and sometimes also four in there, and she's never really been a good napper, but I guess I'd rather have a better night sleeper than a napper, you know, and she has always been a good night sleeper, like 8:30 to 5, which is great, but this week has been rough and maybe she's teething?

The other is "Who does she look like?" Frequently people will skip this one, though, and just say, "Oh my goodness she looks EXACTLY like Tim!" or "Oh my goodness she looks EXACTLY like you!"

What do you think, dedicated readers? Leave your answer in the comment box and I'll tally the votes!
Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Exhibit Z


Erin said...

I THOUGHT she looked like Tim until I saw YOUR baby picture. YOU, ALL THE WAY.

Also, that sleeping question IS a tough one. My answer eventually turned into, "Yes and no. Every time I finally get the sleep thing figured out, he [the boy] goes and changes it on me."

Mary Sue said...

LOVE the pictures ... also love the subjects!
I am going to say that Zoƫ has Tim's eyes and your mouth and smile - nice combo!

curtis said...

Beth's: ears, nose and mouth
Tim's: eyes, biceps and quads

I guess it's split 50.0% : 50.0%, exactly.

Kristie Helfrich said...

I'm terrible at this. You'd think I would be somewhat competent after having a herd of my own kids, but to me she just looks like an adorable baby. I don't look at her and say wow she looks exactly like you or T, but perhaps a perfect mix of you both? This seems to be the consensus. So not sure where my answer goes in the official 'count'?!?!?

MaryMig said...

Well, yes, she is a wonderful combination of both of you, but you as the blogger did choose a picture of yourself with the same little head tilt that she has... Hmmm...are you trying to lead the votes?

Amy in KC said...

I agree with Mary Sue - Nose and smile are you, eyes are Tim...She is a cutie!

MaryMig said...

Did I have an accusatory tone? Enough to inspire a revised poll? Wow! I abstain. But again, I think she is a lovely combo platter.

Abbey said...

How can she be making the same exact expression as the two of you? That's what I think is rigged. I think she's a mix of both of you...maybe more like Timmy now until she grows some hair....?

Abbey said...

I just read my comment back to myself... the playful tone, I think, was lost in translation. Perhaps a couple of smiley faces here and there could have helped it :) (By the way, bald is beautiful, I'm married to a barely-bald myself!) :) :) :) :) :)

tate said...

I think she has Beth's mouth, Tim's eyes, and both of your cheeks put together.

Ben said...

wrong, wrong, and wrong.

eyebrows up: tim.

eyes down: beth.

in other words, tim's dome, beth's chrome.