June 24, 2009


Our little family has temporarily relocated for the summer, and one unforeseen consequence is that I no longer have 24-hour access to the web of internets. Nor do I have the computer on which I have been uploading pictures.

(In case you're worried, detox was a relatively quick and painless process. The scenery has proven quite helpful in my recovery.)

Sadly, this does mean that Helfabet updates will be (even) less regular, but I promise to post some pictures and stories on the following days, when Zoƫ and I are back at the ranch:

June 26, July 5, July 17, August 5, August 15

Perhaps I'll squeeze in a few more. But no promises. I'm on mountain time.


Curtis said...

"each peach pear plum, i smell the blood of an englishwomun. be she alive or be she dead, ill grind her bones to make my bread." zoedots leapt from her hiding place and ran under the legs of the awakened giant. she sprang upwards, somersaulting over the flowers on the table and grabbing the golden goose all in one movement. the goose let out a sqauwk as she strapped on her parachute. turning back, she took a last look at the oncoming giant, eyes red with anger and mouth drooling with hunger, a mass of chaotic hair bouncing with each step. zoedots winked, and calmly backflipped out of the castle, parachuting around the beanstalk on her way back to her pool by the farmhouse.

tate said...

don't know what i'm gonna do... the withdrawal is already setting it.