July 19, 2009

So I Lied.

Um, yeah. When I said, "tomorrow?" I really meant "two weeks from now."

You think I'd have learned by now. The more days that pass between postings, the more daunting the task of capturing them becomes. I have Zoë moments piled up to my earlobes right now. Here are a few tidbits from the last two weeks, in no particular order.

My favorite thing about our new "hometown" is that Tuesday afternoons are officially dubbed "Babies and Beers" at the local watering hole.

Seriously. Those are babies. In a bar.

Zoë cut her chin last week while trying to tackle this funnel.

In the bar.

We finally broke out the hiking backpack on a beautiful Saturday at Chimney Rock.

It was a happy day.

Zoë is nine months old. I feel that those nine months have lasted approximately a nanosecond and an eternity at the same time. I want to write something eloquent about this, for posterity, but words fall short. I don't know that I'll ever be able to explain the way - or just how much - I love her.

So I guess I'll just keep on collecting Zoë moments in my heart. And maybe I'll get around to sharing a few with you, too.



Kristie said...

Amen sister to the nanosecond - eternity bit. And the love too - it's amazing, right?

Adah said...

Here's the flip side of your sentiment: http://www.billy-collins.com/2005/06/the_lanyard.html. Sort of. My mom shared it with me the other day. Your post and the poem both seem to capture the idea that attempts to adeptly describe that mother-child connection seem to fall short of the actual intensity.

MaryMig said...

Yes, it flies. Next thing you know the kids are having babies and going to college. (not in that order)
Beautiful! I miss her!

Abbey said...

OK guys, I think we need to bring 'Babies and Beers' to Summit. I'd be there like, every day. And Beth, you look soo much like your mom in that picture of you and Zoe on your hike. Beautiful.

Curtis said...

must... see... more pictures... cough cough... groan... pictturessss..... need pictures.... uughhhhhhhh