October 28, 2009

Zoë turned one, and other stuff.

You would THINK that of all the days to prioritize updating the blog, October 17th would have fallen high on the list.

On that day, we picked pumpkins.

And played with friends.

And sampled mini-pumpkin pies.

And celebrated the fact that Zoë has been alive for a WHOLE YEAR.

Notice she is STILL clutching the pie in her left hand.


And then we developed swine flu. Which sort of put a damper on the celebrations.

Little swiney birthday girl

So we had to spend a week in quarantine.

That got old fast.

But we managed to find ways to entertain ourselves while locked in the house for 120+ hours straight. Without further ado, I present to you:

Quarantine Fun! on Vimeo.


Gail said...

Zoe totally has that dribbling action down. A future basketball player for sure!

Abbey said...

Oh crap, that's cute. isn't it amazing how resilient our children are? i mean, swine flu, for goodness sakes!!

Erin said...

Happy birthday, Zoe! She is so beautiful, I can't hardly STAND IT.

At least now you can check that pesky pig flu off your list for the winter. And stop anticipating the ever more elusive VACCINE WHICH DOES NOT EXIST.