April 21, 2009

The Quest for the Holy Ale

In honor of my brother the screenwriter, I present to you a three-minute short:



A small body squirms, belly down, on a dirty carpet floor. Colorful toys surround BABY ZOË, six months old. She wears a stylish hoodie, pink terrycloth "skort", and shoes too big for her little squat feet. She chews on a crinkly STAR TOY.

She catches sight of herself in the mirror.

She is looking gooooood.

The voice of her mother, BETH, interrupts the reverie.

Zoë! Zoë, look over here!
Hey, boogie!
(odd duck noises, squeeks, etc.)

ZOË turns to her mother, flashing a dimpled grin.

Soon her attention turns back to the STAR TOY.

With one last glance at her mother...

ZOË attacks.

She gnaws all five points of STAR TOY, drool coating her hands and hoodie. BETH continues to make embarrassing animal noises in hopes of catching ZOË'S attention, but to no avail.

Suddenly, ZOË freezes. Something on the coffee table catches her eye.

She studies it, cheeks full of contemplation.

(high-pitched shriek)

BETH retrieves the forbidden object - a half-consumed BOTTLE of GINGER ALE. She places it on the carpet just out of reach of ZOË, who is panting with excitement.

ZOË finds this incredibly frustrating and unfair.

But soon ZOË'S determination - and the lure of shiny plastic - propels her forward. She shimmies and stretches for the GINGER ALE, slowly creeping her way across the rug. She is just about there...

When gravity foils her plan.

(angry crying)

Exhausted, ZOË faceplants.

At which point BETH scoops her up and carries her upstairs for a nap.



Mary Sue said...

Make sure that Tate understands that he will owe royalties to the female lead in the original story when it makes it to the big stage!

Pictures are worth 1000 words - great entry!


tate said...

That's a great script, complete with storyboards!

Adah said...

This would make a really good warm-up for play practice - silently portray emotional roller coaster of pre-nap baby with nice toy before, during, and after her mother teases her with yummy drink in shiny bottle, without talking. Three minutes. Go. Hehe.

Curtis said...

beth, great storytelling. zoes daily life is full of action and suspense, so its a good thing you are documenting and keeping her safe so we can share the trials and tribulations of when she was 6.2 months old.

Sarah Jean said...

so many emotions in so little time! i was really hoping for a triumphant ending, though.

tate said...

She looks so much like Harold from Harold and the Purple Crayon in the photo where she's reaching out for the bottle.