May 1, 2009

Trading Faces

My brother made the following comment on my last post: "She looks so much like Harold from Harold and the Purple Crayon in the photo where she's reaching out for the bottle."

So true! But Harold is not the first celebrity to whom our little lady has been compared. Behold, the evolution of the Zoë look-a-like:

Chief Clancy Wiggum, of The Simpsons

William H. Macy

The Gerber Baby

Harold, of Harold and the Purple Crayon

As of today, Zoë has TWO teeth... wonder whose famous mug is next??


Erin said...

HA! This is SO FUNNY. I love the Chief Clancy one. But she is ADORABLE, so it was just the camera angle, obv.

I've never heard of Harold & The Purple Crayon, but that little boy looks a whole lot like the boy in the book The Carrot Seed, which was published somewhere around 1940 and is Emmett's FAV BOOK EVAH.

tate said...

I would add Stephen Curry to that list. Let's see some pics of Z and her new teeth!

Beth said...

Tater, I would post some pictures of the teeth, but every time I pull down her bottom lip, the tongue comes out. Easy to feel, hard to see. I'll keep trying.